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Sticky post!

Hi, and welcome to Celine's journal!

Who I am: An artist. What I draw/paint: Character design, fantasy art and somewhat sexy looking stuff. :D And cute things.

Web presence:

☆ Website: http://www.purpletophat.com
☆ facebook: http://www.facebook.com/purpletophat
☆ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/purpleceline
☆ myspace: http://www.myspace.com/purpleceline

☆ Commissions: Full until the end of 2011.

Shows for 2011 (sitting in artist alley unless otherwise specified):

Long Beach Comic Con in Long Beach, CA, October 29-30.

Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, CA, November 5-6.

Shows for 2012

MegaCon in Orlando, FL, February 17-19.


Comment to this entry and I’ll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

1. Paris. My birthplace, my hometown. Haven't gone back to visit in a long time, but the memories are still sweet.

2. Photoshop. One of my favorite tools of the trade. I owe a lot of my artwork to it, as well as to my Wacom tablet.

3. Play. I've finally learned the importance and necessity of it, especially as a creative.

4. Patience. As it was given to me, so will I give it.

5. Pho. OM NOM NOM.

6. Pop. Admittedly and unapologetically one of my favorite genres of music.

7. Pirates. I loved the first Pirates of the Caribbean movies. But the reason why I'm putting this here is that my first solo art show happened at a lovely pirate store, with my friend keltickalypso at the helm. Good times.

8. Pere. My grandfather, who taught me how to draw before I even knew how to read.

9. Prayer. Some people do this for me. When it's truly meant, it means the world to me.

10. Purple. Haha, you thought I'd try to play it cool and not put my favoritest color in? Wroooong. Purple has been good to me. I'm glad I followed my instincts and made it such an integral part of my business.


*dusts the cobwebs* *coughcough*

This has got to be a record of some kind. I haven't updated this dratted thing since February 2010. That's nearly two years and several lifetimes for me.

September 1st was the fifth anniversary of http://purpletophat.com, and it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to get back here. I miss journaling; the free flowing long hand writing, the commenting, the friends list that doesn't merely consist of terse status updates. That isn't to say I don't enjoy Facebook and its convenience, but I've missed tending to my little garden here.

I'm not going to write a massive laundry list of things that have happened to me in the past two years. Not today. It would defeat the purpose of getting back into this nice and easy, and I'd probably get so daunted by the sheer quantity of events that I'd abandon the post halfway through. So all I'll say about my life so far is: I've moved from from one coast to another yet again, I've been doing more and more shows with a growing degree of success, I now play WoW whenever I can, and I'm going to be a guest artist at a Los Angeles con this November. > http://www.comikazeexpo.com

To close, some golden rpg advice from a very tired ruthannereid: "Your chara WILL need to, you know, like, do stuff."

Please never change.

Also, it's good to be back. ^_^

Queen City Kamikaze

Aaaand we begin the 2010 con season with a local one day show tomorrow [well technically it's today, as I'm already in bed and about to pass out soon] :D
>> http://www.queencitykamikaze.com in Manchester, New Hampshire, from 10am to 7pm.

This marks a rather momentous occasion for me--for the first time since I started doing shows in 2006, I finished prepping the day before. Procrastination's an old much hated companion of mine--any battle won is one step closer to victory.

The NFL sure knows how to do hero music. I totally love this version of the song (my only criticism here is that we're not seeing Rihanna at all :( ) and have been playing it on loop while I packed my prints. Anyhoo, I bid you all good night!



Okay! Thanks to the amazing talent of ruthannereid, Purple Top Hat (dot) com 2.0 is now up!

>> http://www.purpletophat.com


I come bearing new finished art :)

Two new pieces under the cutCollapse )

In other news! I got into two more cons for the spring/early summer, and it's exciting. Here's the con lineup so far:

MegaCon in Orlando,FL, March 12-14.

Anime Boston in Boston, Mass, April 2-4.

Project A-Kon 21 in Dallas, TX, June 4-6.

Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, July 22-25.

Gonna try my damnest to make it in Anime Expo as well.

Also, for those people who might be in Tennessee, I've mailed in prints to Chattacon. Look for them in the print shop. :)

To-do list for January:

  • Get organized!

  • Send card and gift for my dad's birthday this week. checked!

  • Finish teilea's commission for real, dammit. It's the final one for 2009.

  • Finish the new Faun piece

  • Get everything ready for trip to FL and MegaCon

  • Sleeeeeeep.


    Whoohoo. "Guardian"'s been accepted over at Epilogue!

    I feel like I've completed some kind of fantasy artist rite of passage.

    Okay, back to work.


    Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

    Well hello 2010, you crept up on me before I even knew what you were doing. As I stand on the threshold of the new year, I take a look back at the past twelve months. A lot of things happened in 2009: I turned 30 years old, I learned how to balance the demands of a part time job with those of a burgeoning art business, I made the decision to move out of my parents' home and I entered the convention circuit for the first time. And I must admit, it felt pretty damn good to get into Comic-Con. (...it feels even BETTER to have made it in for 2010, btw XD)


    1. Draw, draw, draw.
    2. Treat myself and loved ones well.
    2. Get more business savvy.
    3. Finish all commissions in a timely fashion and get more done this year.
    4. Keep learning about my health and how to stay healthy.
    5. Learn new recipes.
    6. Make the best of the times I'll be visiting my parents, sister and birdie.
    7. Start exercising again. YOGA!
    8. Read more books.
    9. Keep in touch with my friends.
    10. Make 2010 awesome all around.

    See you all next year ;P


    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

    Hi all and Merry Christmas/Yule! I'm sorry for the long absence--I've been kind of ill and out of it lately, but I'm working at getting better for the New Year.

    *hugs all*